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VIDEO: SIMLESA- Mozambique Policy Forum

At a recent policy forum in Mozambique scientists, agricultural leaders and farmers discussed the implications of 8-years of SIMLESA’s results. The forum highlighted several opportunities and lessons learned from SIMLESA on how to improve farmers’ yields while protecting the environment, link them to markets and to stimulate the scaling of new farming techniques. Listen to scientists and farmers explain their experiences in the SIMLESA project.
Watch this video; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBwtlgC8uXY&t=91s

SIMLESA-Mozambique Policy Forum:

Policy forum in Mozambique recommends scaling sustainable agriculture practices

Smallholder agriculture mechanization reduced the amount of labor required for one hectare of land preparation, from 31 days to just 2 hours. This enabled timely farming activities and a maize yield increase of about 170 kg per hectare, reflecting an extra 3-4 months of household food security. Read more about the conclusions from this forum… 

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