Policy Briefs

In this section you will find an array of SIMLESA’s policy briefs from the different countries.
Agroecological solutions: Integrating conservation agriculture and agroforestry to boost Rwanda’s Crop Intensification Program
Agricultural Innovation Platforms: Collective action catalyzes sustainable intensification transformation in Rwanda
Conservation Farming boosts production and resilience in maize agriculture systems in Kenya
Brachiaria: The new grass feeding soils and livestock in Kenya
Connecting maize farmers with value chains boosts sustainable agricultural intensification in Kenya
From yields to profit: Conservation farming boosts livelihoods in Malawi
Soil Health is Economic Health: Conservation farming improves soil fertility and boosts incomes in Malawi
Grow More with Less: Maximizing yield through Conservation Agriculture-based Sustainable Intensification in Malawi
Linking farmers with value chain actors boosts climate-resilient farming systems in Malawi
Conservation Agriculture-based Sustainable Intensification: Minimal tillage saves resources, improves yields on Ethiopian farms
From trial plots to mega fields: How Conservation Agriculture-based Sustainable Intensification can become the new normal in Ethiopia
Maintaining crop residues in the field saves soils and improves crop yields in Ethiopia
Small Investments, High Returns: Collective action triggers multiple benefits in maize-legume value chains in Uganda
Low Risk, High Returns: Intercropping provides a food bonanza for smallholder farmers in Uganda
Small Investments, High Returns: Ox-drawn tools transform smallholder agriculture in Uganda
Sustainable Intensification Based on Conservation Agriculture: The Business Case Mozambique
From Muscle to Machines: How to Modernize smallholder farming in Mozambique
Investing In Scaling Modalities, Laying the Foundations for Sustainable Agricultural Intensification in Mozambique
Investimentos no Fortalecimento dos Mercados de Sementes sao Investimentos num Moçambique Produtivo e Resiliente
Investir nas Modalidades de Aumento em escala, Estabelecendo as Fundações para a Intensificação Agrícola Sustentável em Moçambique
Investments in Strengthening Seed Markets are Investments in a Productive and Resilient Mozambique
Do músculo às máquinas: como modernizar a agricultura familiar em Moçambique
Intensificação Sustentável Baseada na Agricultura de Conservação: O Caso de Negócio
From farms to landscapes: Multiplying the benefits of Conservation Agriculture-based Sustainable Intensification in Tanzania
Building resilience to climate change: The promise of Conservation Agriculture-based Sustainable Intensification in Tanzania
Simple, affordable and impactful: Two wheel tractors drive sustainable intensification in Tanzania
Connecting farmers with other value chain actors fuels climate-smart agriculture in Tanzania
Saving labor and animal draft power: Impacts of crop management innovation packages in Ethiopia
Input subsidies or extension: which policy should take precedence when supporting farmers?
SIMLESA : Policy briefs
In a series of 8 briefs you will find information on policy action points to support sustainable intensification in eastern and southern Africa.

Topics covered include soil health recapitalization, smallholder mechanization, fostering collective action for strengthening agricultural value chains, among other topics.

SIMLESA Technical Briefs
In this series of 8 briefs you will find information on policy action points to support sustainable intensification in eastern and southern Africa. Topics covered include scaling conservation agriculture practices, Tracing the process from research phase to the farm and actions for strengthening seed value chains, Farm level advantages of Conservation Agriculture among other topic...
Institutionalizing SIMLESA in ESA: lessons from on farm research and scaling in development
Seeding impact by extending CA-based portfolios
Benefits to Australian farmers from the ACIAR funded program Sustainable Intensification of Maize-Legume Cropping Systems for Food Security in Eastern and Southern Africa (SIMLESA) Program
Commercializing Smallholder Mechanization: The role of public and private sectors
Achieving sustainable agricultural intensification in Eastern and Southern Africa, What is needed?
SIMLESA Project Brief
Promoting gender and youth inclusiveness through AIPs, voices from SIMLESA

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