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The Media Reports consist of articles published by media houses and other organizations about SIMLESA from all the seven countries and partner organizations that implement this project.

DISCLAIMER: The articles on this page are presented without necessarily a thorough peer-review process. The main purpose is that of making data and information rapidly available to research teams and partners in the SIMLESA project and for use in advancing discussions on the relevant topic. For fully peer-reviewed publications, please refer to the journals page. Readers are invited to send comments directly to the corresponding author(s). The views expressed in these media reports are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect opinions of CIMMYT, ACIAR, national research institutions and other partners, or donors. Any errors or omissions (editorial, factual or otherwise) are the sole responsibility of the authors of each article.

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-CIMMYT A new book draws on experiences of men and women farmers across eastern and southern Africa

In this report, agriculture experts from the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) call for intensively scaling up climate-resilient seeds and climate-smart innovations.

SIMLESA project leader, Paswel Marenya reflects on 8 years of project learning.


Report on the conclusions at the Uganda SIMLESA policy forum.

This report written in Swahili, explains the important of writing agricultural documents in local languages.

Read about the predicted impact of CASI technology in the Tanzania.

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