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SIMLESA works with, and trains researchers on national programs. These hand-on training and technical assistance packages play a critical role in meeting their countries’ national food security and resource conservation goals.

By creating quality communities of agricultural knowledge – in critical areas – SIMLESA empowers researchers to help these farmers and, in so doing, to help their countries toward a more food-secure, sustainable future. In contrast to formal academic training in plant breeding and agronomy, which is normally broad and theoretical, SIMLESA training activities are hands-on and highly specialized.

  • Socioeconomics, Policy and Markets Research

    To test and develop productive, resilient and sustainable smallholder maize-legume cropping systems and innovation systems for local scaling out

  • Adaptive Agronomy Research

    To characterize maize-legume production and input and output value chain systems and impact pathways, and identify broad systemic constraints and options for field testing.

  • Maize and Legume Seed Systems Development

    To increase the range of maize and legume varieties available through accelerated breeding, regional testing and release, and availability of performance data

  • Identifying Effective Scaling Modalities

    To support the development of regional and local innovations systems

  • Capacity Development

    Capacity building to increase the efficiency of agricultural research today and in the future

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