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Media Report

A report on discussion made during a policy forum held in Malawi ..

Journal Article

– International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management, Vol. 7 Issue: 3, pp.247-271 (2) pg 458-463
Authors: Kindie Tesfaye, Sika Gbegbelegbe, Jill E Cairns, Bekele Shiferaw, Boddupalli M Prasanna, Kai Sonder, Ken Boote, Dan Makumbi, Richard Robertson,

Working paper

An analysis of socio-economic characteristics of households that affect husbands’ and wives’ decision-making intensity on the use of income derived from crop and livestock sale.

Policy brief

Brief about the scaling out efforts of CASI technologies from just a few to many subsistence farmers in Malawi.

Working paper

This paper attempted to show some of the power relations between husbands and wives in the communities under study in Mozambique.


A 2014 presentation in Tanzania for the evaluation of SIMLESA phase I during the launching and planning of phase II.

Journal Article

Journal of Agricultural Economics 69:1, pages 76-95. 
Authors: Menale Kassie, Paswel Marenya, Yohannis Tessema, Moti Jaleta, Di Zeng, Olaf Erenstein, Dil Rahut.

Media Report

CA-based techniques have helped farmers increas maize harvest and income in Ethiopia.

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