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Are there systematic gender differences in the adoption of sustainable agricultural intensification practices? Evidence from Kenya

-Food Policy Volume 49, Part 1, Pages 117-127
Authors: S. Wagura Ndiritu, Menale Kassie, Bekele Shiferaw

Implications of changes in land cover and landscape structure for the biocontrol potential of stem-borers in Ethiopia

-Biological Control Volume 122, Pages 1-10
Authors: Yodit Kebede, Felix Bianchi, Frédéric Baudron, Kristin Abraham, Anne de Valença, Pablo Tittonell

Genotype by trait biplot analysis to study associations and profiles of Ethiopian white lupin landraces

-Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, vol 113 (2) pg 458-463
Authors: Romain Frelat, Santiago Lopez-Ridaura, Ken E. Giller, Mario Herrero, Sabine Douxchamps, Agnes Andersson Djurfeldt, Olaf Erenstein, Ben Henderson, Menale Kassie, Birthe K. Paul, Cyrille Rigolot, Randall S. Ritzema, Daniel Rodriguez, Piet J. A. van Asten, and Mark T. van Wijk

Maize systems under climate change in sub-Saharan Africa: Potential impacts on production and food security

- International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management, Vol. 7 Issue: 3, pp.247-271 (2) pg 458-463
Authors: Kindie Tesfaye, Sika Gbegbelegbe, Jill E Cairns, Bekele Shiferaw, Boddupalli M Prasanna, Kai Sonder, Ken Boote, Dan Makumbi, Richard Robertson,

Multi-scale trade-off analysis of cereal residue use for livestock feeding vs soil mulching in the Mid-Zambezi Valley, Zimbabwe

Agricultural Systems Volume 134, Pages 97-106
Authors: Frédéric Baudron, Sylvestre Delmotte,Marc Corbeels, Juan M.Herrera, Pablo Tittonell

Gender and inorganic nitrogen: what are the implications of moving towards a more balanced use of nitrogen fertiliser in the tropics

Journal of Gender Studies 28:2, pages 185-203.
Authors: Cathy Rozel Farnworth, Clare Stirling, Tek B. Sapkota, M. L. Jat, Michael Misiko & Simon Attwood

To mulch or to munch?Big modelling of big data

Agricultural Systems: Volume 153,Pages 32-42
Authors: D Rodriguez, P de Voil, MC Rufino, M Odendo, MT van Wijk

Raising productivity of maize-based cropping systems in eastern and southern Africa: Step-wise intensification options

Crop Physiology (Second Edition) Applications for Genetic Improvement and Agronomy, Pages 93-110
Authors: John Dimes, Daniel Rodriguez, Andries Potgieter

Ex-ante analysis of opportunities for the sustainable intensification of maize production in Mozambique

Agricultural Systems Volume 142, Pages 9-22
Authors: Caspar W. Roxburgh, Daniel Rodriguez

As the level of crops productivity increases: Is there a role for intercropping in smallholder agriculture?

Field Crops Research Volume 180, Pages 155-166
Authors: Abeya Temesgen, Shu Fukai, Daniel Rodriguez

The challenges of index-based insurance for food security in developing countries

Institute for Environment and Sustainability (Joint Research Centre)
Authors: Gommes, René; Kayitakire, François, Columbia University. Earth Institute. International Research Institute for Climate and Society

Characterization of north-eastern Australian environments using APSIM for increasing rainfed maize production

Field Crops Research Volume 144, Pages 245-255
Authors: Y.S. Chauhan, K.F. Solomon, D. Rodriguez

Drivers of household food availability in sub-Saharan Africa based on big data from small farms

PNAS 113 (2) 458-463;
Authors: Romain Frelat, Santiago Lopez-Ridaura, Ken E. Giller, Mario Herrero, Sabine Douxchamps, Agnes Andersson Djurfeldt, Olaf Erenstein, Ben Henderson, Menale Kassie, Birthe K. Paul, Cyrille Rigolot, Randall S. Ritzema, Daniel Rodriguez, Piet J. A. van Asten, and Mark T. van Wijk

A bio-economic analysis of the benefits of conservation agriculture: The case of smallholder farmers in Adami Tulu district, Ethiopia

Ecological Economics Volume 120, Pages 164-174;
Authors: Yohannis Tessema, John Asafu-Adjaye, Daniel Rodriguez, Thilak Mallawaarachchi, Bekele Shiferaw

Application of the APSIM model to exploit G X EX M interactions for maize improvements in Ethiopia

Field Crops Research Volume 217, Pages 113-124
Authors: Solomon Seyoum, Rao Rachaputi, Yash Chauhan, Boddupalli Prasanna, Solomon Fekybelu

Predicting minimum tillage adoption among smallholder farmers using micro-level and policy variables

Agricultural and Food Economics
Authors: Paswel P. Marenya, Menale Kassie, Moti Jaleta, Dil Bahadur Rahut, Olaf Erenstein

Maize Market Participation among Female- and Male-Headed Households in Ethiopia

Journal of Agricultural Economics 69:1, pages 76-95.
Authors: Menale Kassie, Paswel Marenya, Yohannis Tessema, Moti Jaleta, Di Zeng, Olaf Erenstein, Dil Rahut.

Adoption of agricultural technologies in Kenya : How does gender matter?

SBS Scholarly Articles [52]
Authors: Ndiritu, Simon W; Kassie, Menale; Shiferaw, Bekele

Response to climate risks among smallholder farmers in Malawi: A multivariate probit assessment of the role of information, household demographics, and farm characteristics

Climate Risk Management Volume 16, Pages 208-221
Authors: Chalmers Mulwa, Paswel Marenya, Dil Bahadur Rahut Menale Kassie

Conservation agriculture in African mixed crop-livestock systems:Expanding the niche

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment Volume 187, Pages 171-182
Authors: Frédéric Baudron, Moti Jaleta, Oriama Okitoi, Asheber Tegegn

Saving labor and animal draft power : impacts of crop management innovation packages in Ethiopia

Authors: Jaleta Debello Moti, Kassie, M., Kindie Tesfaye Fantaye, Tilaye Teklewold, Pradyot Ranjan Jena, Erenstein, O.

What Determines Gender Inequality in Household Food Security in Kenya? Application of Exogenous Switching Treatment Regression

World Development Volume 56, Pages 153-171
Authors: Menale Kassie, Simon Wagura Ndiritu, Jesper Stage

Cropping system diversification, conservation tillage and modern seed adoption in Ethiopia: Impacts on household income, agrochemical use and demand for labor

Ecological Economics Vol 93, pg 85-93
Authors: Teklewold, H.; Berresaw Menale Kassie; Berresaw Menale Kassie; Shiferaw, B.; Kohlin, G.

The effect of integrated organic and inorganic fertilizer rates on performances of soybean and maize component crops of a soybean/maize mixture at Bako, Western Ethiopia

African Journal of Agricultural Research 8 (29): 3921-3929. DOI: 10.5897/AJAR12.1044
Authors: Abebe Zerihun; J. J. Sharma; Dechasa Nigussie; Kanampiu Fred

Predicting minimum tillage adoption among smallholder farmers using micro-level and policy variables

Agricultural and Food Economics [52]
Authors: Paswel P. Marenya, Menale Kassie, Moti Jaleta, Dil Bahadur Rahut and Olaf Erenstein

Gendered food security in rural Malawi: why is women’s food security status lower?

Food Security; Volume 7, Issue 6, pp 1299–1320
Authors: Menale Kassie, Jesper Stage, Hailemariam Teklewold, Olaf Erenstein

Measuring Farm and Market Level Economic Impacts of Improved Maize Production Technologies in Ethiopia: Evidence from Panel Data

Journal of Agricultural Economics
Authors: Menale Kassie, Paswel Marenya, Yohannis Tessema, Moti Jaleta, Di Zeng, Olaf Erenstein, Dil Rahut

Understanding Household Diversity in Eastern and Southern Africa

SIMLESA Conference
Authors: Erin Lynn Wilkus, Caspar Will Roxburgh, Daniel Rodriguez

Sustainable intensification in the face of climate variability

Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia
Authors: Erin Lynn Wilkus and Daniel Rodriguez

Opportunities from integrative approaches in farming systems design

Field Crops Research Volume 124, Issue 2, 1 Pages 137-141
Authors: D. Rodriguez, V.O. Sadras

Innovation Platforms for Agricultural Development: Evaluating the mature innovation platforms landscape

International Livestock Research Institute
Authors: Iddo Dror, Jean-Joseph Cadilhon, Marc Schut, Michael Misiko and Shreya Maheshwars

Extending conservation agriculture benefits through innovation platforms.

Authors: Misiko, M.

Adoption of climbing beans in the central highlands of Kenya: an empirical analysis of farmers’ adoption decisions

African Journal of Agricultural Research;Vol. 8; iss. 1; pp. 1 - 19
Authors: Ramaekers, Lara Micheni, A Mbogo, P Vanderleyden, Jos Maertens, Miet

Tradeoffs in crop residue utilization in mixed crop–livestock systems and implications for conservation agriculture

Agricultural Systems Volume 121, Pages 96-105
Authors: Moti Jaleta, Menale Kassie, Bekele Shiferaw

Adoption of interrelated sustainable agricultural practices in smallholder systems: Evidence from rural Tanzania

Technological Forecasting and Social Change Volume 80, Issue 3, Pages 525-540
Authors: Menale Kassie, Moti Jaleta, Bekele Shiferaw, Frank Mmbando, Mulugetta Mekuria

Evaluating the impact of improved maize varieties on food security in Rural Tanzania: Evidence from a continuous treatment approach

Food Security Volume 6, Issue 2, pp 217–2
Authors: Menale Kassie, Moti Jaleta, Alessandra Mattei

Technology diversification: Assessing impacts on crop income and agrochemical uses in Malawi

2015 Conference, August 9-14, 2015, Milan, Italy 211838, International Association of Agricultural Economists.
Authors: Kassie, Menale; Teklewolde, Hailemariam; Erenstein, Olaf; Jaleta, Moti; Marenya, Paswel; Mekurai, Mulugetta

Production Risks and Food Security under Alternative Technology Choices in Malawi: Application of a Multinomial Endogenous Switching Regression

Journal of Agricultural Economics.
Authors: Menale Kassie, Hailemariam Teklewold Paswel Marenya Moti Jaleta Olaf Erenstein

Adoption of Multiple Sustainable Agricultural Practices in Rural Ethiopia

Journal of Agricultural Economics.Volume64, Issue3, Pages 597-623
Authors: Hailemariam Teklewold, Menale Kassie, Bekele Shiferaw

Big Constraints or Small Returns? Explaining Non-adoption of Hybrid Maize in Tanzania

Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy, Volume 38, Issue 1, Pages 113–131,
Authors: Jonas Kathage, Menale Kassie, Bekele Shiferaw, Matin Qaim

Fertilizer use on individually and jointly managed crop plots in Mozambique.

Journal of Gender, Agriculture and Food Security (Agri-Gender),
Authors: Marenya, Paswel & Kassie, Menale & Tostao, Emilio,

Speed of adoption of improved maize varieties in Tanzania: An application of duration analysis

Technological Forecasting and Social Change Volume 96,Pages 298-307 ,
Authors: Abebe D. Beyene, Menale Kassie

System productivity and yield of component crops as affected by intercropping maize and common bean varieties with distinct morphological characteristics

Ethiopian Journal of Agricultural Sciences ,
Authors: Shiferaw Tadesse, Setegn Gebeyehu, Nigussie Dechassae

Understanding the adoption of a portfolio of sustainable intensification practices in eastern and southern Africa.

Land use Policy 42: 400-411.
Authors: Kassie M.; Teklewold M.; Jaleta M.; Marenya P.; and Erenstein O.

Agricultural innovations and food security in Malawi: Gender dynamics, institutions and market implications

Technological Forecasting and Social Change Volume 103, Pages 240-248
Authors: Munyaradzi Mutenje, Henry Kankwamba, Julius Mangisonib, Menale Kassie

Climate risk management in maize cropping systems. In achieving sustainable cultivation of maize.

Volume 2. Cultivation techniques pest and disease control. Eds. D Watson. Burleigh Doods Science Publishing (in press).
Authors: Rodriguez D, Roxburgh C, Farnsworth C, Ferrante A, Eyre J, Irvine-Brown S, McLean J, Bielich M

Potential for Scaling up Climate Smart Agricultural Practices: Examples from Sub-Saharan Africa

Climate Change Adaptation in Africa pp 185-203.
Authors: Kindie Tesfaye, Menale Kassie, Jill E. Cairns, Misiko Michael, Clare Stirling, Tsedeke Abate, B. M. Prasanna, Mulugetta Mekuria, Habtamu Hailu, Dil Bahadur Rahut, Olaf Erenstein, Bruno Gerard

Using innovative approaches in selecting and disseminating bean varieties in Mozambique: Lessons learnt.

African Crop Science Proceedings Vol. 10 pp. 283-286
Authors: Amane M.I.V.; Dias D.J.B.; Chirwa R.; Rubyogo J.C. e ;Tembo F.

Targeting drought-tolerant maize varieties in southern Africa: a geospatial crop modeling approach using big data

International Food and Agr Business. Volume 19
Authors: Tesfaye, K., Sonder, K., Cairns, J., Magorokosho, C., Tarekegn, A., Kassie, G.T., ... & Erenstein, O.

Interactions between intervention packages, climatic risk, climate change and food security in mixed crop–livestock systems in Burkina Faso

Agricultural Systems Volume 151, Pages 217-224
Authors: C. Rigolota, P. de Voil, S. Douxchamps D. Prestwidge, M. Van Wijk, P.K. Thornton, D. Rodriguez, B. Henderson, D. Medina, M. Herrero.

Modelling Dryland Agricultural Systems

Innovations in Dryland Agriculture pp 239-256
Authors: Daniel Rodriguez; Peter de Voil; B. Power

Seed market liberalization, hybrid maize adoption, and impacts on smallholder farmers in Tanzania,

GlobalFood Discussion Papers 131756
Authors:Kathage, Jonas & Qaim, Matin & Kassie, Menale & Shiferaw, Bekele A.

Conservation Agriculture in Eastern and Southern Africa. In “Conservation Agriculture: Global Prospects and Challenges.

(R. A. Jat and J. Graziano de Silva eds.). pp. 263-292. CABI: ISBN-13: 9781780642598. Cambridge.
Authors:Thierfelder C.; Ngwira A. M. ; Govaerts B.; Nyagumbo I.; and Baudron F.

Evaluating manual conservation agriculture systems in southern Africa

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment Volume 222, Pages 112-124
Authors:Christian Thierfelder, Rumbidzai Matemba-Mutasa, W.Trent Bunderson, Munyaradzi Mutenje, Isaiah Nyagumbo, Walter Mupangwa

The effects of tillage, mulching and termite control strategies on termite activity and maize yield under conservation agriculture in Mozambique

Crop Protection Volume 78, Pages 54-62
Authors:Isaiah Nyagumbo, Muchaneta Munamati, Eleanor F. Mutsamba, Christian Thierfelder, Angelo Cumbane, Domingos Dias

Maize yield effects of conservation agriculture based maize–legume cropping systems in contrasting agro-ecologies of Malawi and Mozambique

Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems, Volume 105, Issue 3, pp 275–290
Authors:Isaiah Nyagumbo,Siyabusa Mkuhlani, Charity Pisa, Donwell Kamalongo, Domingos Dias, Mulugetta Mekuria

Planting date and yield benefits from conservation agriculture practices across Southern Africa

Agricultural Systems Volume 150, Pages 21-33
Authors:Isaiah Nyagumbo, Siyabusa Mkuhlani, Walter Mupangwa, Daniel Rodriguez

Identifying secure and low carbon food production practices: A case study in Kenya and Ethiopia

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment Volume 197, Pages 137-146
Authors:Jessica Bellarby, Clare Stirling, Sylvia HelgaVetter, Menale Kassie, Fred Kanampiu, Kai Sonder, Pete Smith, Jon Hillier

Response of soil microfauna to tillage methods and cropping systems in humic nitosols of Eastern Kenya

African Journal of Horticultural Science, 10.
Authors:Micheni, A.N., Njeru, M.J., Kanampiu, F.K., Mburu, D.M., Mugai, E.N. & Kitonyo, O.M

Glyphosate-based herbicides on weeds management and maize performance under conservation agriculture practices in eastern Kenya

African International Journal of Agricultural Resources, Governance and Ecology
Authors:Alfred Micheni, David Mburu, Fred Kanampiu, Njue Mugai, Francis Kihanda

Characterization of soil nutrient levels in smallholder farms in Eastern Kenya. 5th World Congress on Conservation Agriculture and Farming Systems Design, Brisbane, Australia.

Canberra, Australia: Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research.
Authors: Micheni, A. N., Kanampiou, F. and Rodriguez, D.

Towards sustainable Intensification of maize-legume cropping systems: Kenya experience. In: The 5th World congress of Conservation Agriculture incorporating 3rd farming systems Design Conference. Brisbane Australia. papers. WWCA/FSD Local Organising Committee (c/o ACIAR).
Authors: Achieng J. Micheni A.N. & Kanampiu F.

Designing sustainable agricultural production systems for a changing world: Methods and applications

Agricultural Systems;Volume 126, Pages 1-86
Authors:Santiago Dogliotti, Daniel Rodríguez, Pablo Tittonell, Santiago Lopez-Ridaura, Walter Rossing

Conservation Agriculture: Maize-legume Intensification for Yield, Profitability and Soil Fertility Improvement in Maize Belt Areas of Western Ethiopia

International Journal of Plant & Soil Science, ISSN: 2320-7035,Vol.: 3, Issue.
Authors:Abebe Z. Birhanu T.; Tadesse S. and Degefa K

Intensification of Maize-Legume Cropping Systems Under Conservation Agriculture In Eastern Kenya

East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 79 (No 2), pp. 73-79
Authors:Kanampiu, F.; Micheni, A.; Kitonyo, O.

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