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Author: rllopez

BOOK LAUNCH : Lead Farmers in eastern and southern Africa

A new book draws on experiences of men and women farmers across eastern and southern Africa who bravely embraced change to improve their farming methods and the lives and livelihoods of their families.

The farmers’ words in this book drive home the core philosophy of SIMLESA: that critical paradigm shifts in smallholder farming are possible and can lead to positive and potentially lasting impacts.

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MEDIA REPORT: To manage El Nino-related crop distress in eastern and southern Africa, invest in drought-tolerant seeds and better soil and water care

To mitigate the impact of the current drought affecting millions of farmers living in Kenya and other areas of eastern and southern Africa, agriculture experts from the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) call for intensively scaling up climate-resilient seeds and climate-smart innovations, including drought-tolerant seeds and soil and water conservation practices.

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