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Soils are one of the main resources required for food production. Understanding soils can inform crop management, to achieve higher and more sustainable crop production, and ultimately higher farmers’ profits.

This guide is organized into two modules; Module 1, defines conservation agriculture and conservation farming and highlights the benefits of CA relative to conventional farming. Module 2, describes the steps necessary for establishing and managing conservation agriculture demonstrations.

See the profiles of two champion farmers, Peter Joctor and Dailess Kasawala, who through SIMLESA have adopted CASI technologies and the impact of the adoption in their lives…

This poster written in both English and Chewa, shows how crop residue can be used in improving yields…

This poster(written in both English and Chewa) highlights the following; the importance of mulching in improving soil yields, practicing crop association to enhance soil fertility and reduce diseases and pests and finally the role of leaders in the adoption of mulching…

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