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Listed below are presentations done in different parts of the regions on the SIMLESA project; its objectives, achievements and contributions on various topics including gender, policy engagement for scaling, risk mitigation, involvement of the private sector among others.

DISCLAIMER:These presentation reports are presented without necessarily a thorough peer-review process. The main purpose is that of making data and information rapidly available to research teams and partners in the SIMLESA project and for use in advancing discussions on the relevant topic. For fully peer-reviewed publications, please refer to the journals page. Readers are invited to send comments directly to the corresponding author(s). The views expressed in this report are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect opinions of CIMMYT, ACIAR, national research institutions and other partners, or donors. Any errors or omissions (editorial, factual or otherwise) are the sole responsibility of the authors of each publication.

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SIMLESA’s outputs contributed to Kenya’s development strategy and priorities.

SIMLESA’s outputs contribute to Kenya’s development strategy and priorities.

Learn about the significance of Science-led scaling strategy from SIMLESA’s integration approaches.

A presentation on SIMLESA’s approaches to supporting adoption.

An overview of SIMLESA’s key impact areas, challenges and progress in Uganda.

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