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This section contains links to journal articles lead- or co-authored by SIMLESA affiliated scientists and their collaborators across the world. Please note: These links take you to specific Journal webpages where you can purchase the paper or use your own or your institutional permissions to read the articles.
For example, CIMMYT staff can use CIMMYT institutional license to access the articles or a university visitor can use the university license to do the same. In some cases, the journal or the specific article is published on open access basis.

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in these papers are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect views or opinions of CIMMYT, ACIAR, national research institutions and other partners, or donors. Any errors or omissions (editorial, factual or otherwise) are the sole responsibility of the authors of each journal article.

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African Journal of Agricultural Research;Vol. 8; iss. 1; pp. 1 – 19 
Authors: Ramaekers, Lara Micheni, A Mbogo, P Vanderleyden, Jos Maertens, Miet

International Livestock Research Institute 
Authors: Iddo Dror, Jean-Joseph Cadilhon, Marc Schut, Michael Misiko and Shreya Maheshwars

Field Crops Research Volume 124, Issue 2, 1 Pages 137-141 
Authors: D. Rodriguez, V.O. Sadras

Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia 
Authors: Erin Lynn Wilkus and Daniel Rodriguez

SIMLESA Conference 
Authors: Erin Lynn Wilkus, Caspar Will Roxburgh, Daniel Rodriguez

Journal of Agricultural Economics 
Authors: Menale Kassie, Paswel Marenya, Yohannis Tessema, Moti Jaleta, Di Zeng, Olaf Erenstein, Dil Rahut

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