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Farmer and Extension Manuals

In this section you will find a variety of farmer manuals and extension materials.

DISCLAIMER: These manual reports are presented without necessarily a thorough peer-review process. The main purpose is that of making data and information rapidly available to research teams and partners in the SIMLESA project and for use in advancing discussions on the relevant topic. For fully peer-reviewed publications, please refer to the journals page. Readers are invited to send comments directly to the corresponding author(s). The views expressed in these reports are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect opinions of CIMMYT, ACIAR, national research institutions and other partners, or donors. Any errors or omissions (editorial, factual or otherwise) are the sole responsibility of the authors of each publication.

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Manual about the farming systems in Ethiopia-Somali region and expected benefits under Conservation agriculture.

Manual guide into the inter-cropping of cereals and legumes in north western Ethiopia.

Guide into inter-cropping under CA in the high potential sub-humid western agro-ecology of Ethiopia.

Manual guide for the practice of mixed crop and livestock farming .

Manual guide into how Conservation Agriculture (CA) can help mitigate the reduction in soil quality.

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