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The section below displays factsheets and infographics containing SIMLESA’s key highlights

DISCLAIMER:These publications are presented without necessarily a thorough peer review process. The main purpose is that of making data and information rapidly available to research teams and partners in the SIMLESA project and for use in advancing discussions on the relevant topic. For fully peer-reviewed publications, please refer to the journals page. Readers are invited to send comments directly to the corresponding author(s). The views expressed in this report are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect opinions of CIMMYT, ACIAR, national research institutions and other partners, or donors. Any errors or omissions (editorial, factual or otherwise) are the sole responsibility of the authors of each publication.

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Read about the policy intiatives suggested for mainstreaming CASI in Mozambique.

Infographic about the machinery implements under CASI to reduce labour inputs used in Mozambique.

Read about the technology packages implemented by SIMLESA in Malawi to aid the scaling out of CASI.

Factsheet with key highlights of SIMLESA’s work in efforts to increase food security in Ethiopia.

This factsheet highlights SIMLESA’s implementation approaches and achievements in Tanzania.

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