Socioeconomics datasets

A Series of Socioeconomics data modules published within a year for all the countries implementing SIMLESA…

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Marenya,P; Kassie,M; Muricho,G; Alemu,S; Yirga,C; Mishili,F; Obare,G; Tostao,E

Authors: Marenya, P; e Kassie, M; Muricho, G; Alemu, S; Yirga, C; Mishili, F; Obare, G; Tostao, E

Authors: Marenya, P; Kassie, M; Obare, G; Muricho, G; Alemu, S

Authors: Paswel Marenya; Menale Kassie; Geoffrey Muricho; Solomon Alemu; Chilot Yirga; Fulgence Mishili; Gideon Obare; Emilio Tostao

2016- Authors: Marenya, P; Kassie, M; Yirga, C; Muricho, G; Alemu, S


Authors:Marenya, P; Kassie, M; Muricho, G; Mangisoni, J; Yirga, C; Mishili, F; Obare, G; Tostao, E

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