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Policy brief

Learn about the role of research and knowledge management systems in promoting sustainable agricultural intensification.

Working paper

Journal Article

Agricultural Systems: Volume 153,Pages 32-42
Authors: D Rodriguez, P de Voil, MC Rufino, M Odendo, MT van Wijk

Media Report

In 2017, climate and man-made disasters sent shockwaves across the world. For the first time in a decade, world hunger has also risen once more to affect an estimated 815 million people. Regions facing conflict in combination with the impact of droughts and floods fared the worst in parts of Africa and Asia

Journal Article

Frédéric Baudron & Brian Sims & Scott Justice & David G. Kahan & Richard Rose & Saidi Mkomwa & Pascal Kaumbutho & John Sariah & Raymond Nazare & Girma Moges & Bruno Gérard

Journal Article

Journal of Agricultural Economics.Volume64, Issue3, Pages 597-623 
Authors: Hailemariam Teklewold, Menale Kassie, Bekele Shiferaw


CASI implements have helped farmers reduce labour and time requirements and increase yields.


Challenges and opportunities identified and solved under SIMLESA in Tanzania.

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