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Journal Article

Food Security; Volume 7, Issue 6, pp 1299–1320
Authors: Menale Kassie, Jesper Stage, Hailemariam Teklewold, Olaf Erenstein


Policy lessons for sustainable intensification: At a recent policy forum in Mozambique scientists, agricultural leaders and farmers discussed the implications of 8-years of SIMLESA’s results. The forum highlighted several opportunities and lessons learned from SIMLESA on how to improve farmers’ yields while protecting the environment,
link them to markets and to stimulate the scaling of new farming techniques. Listen to scientists and farmers explain their experiences in the SIMLESA project.

Journal Article

Journal of Gender Studies 28:2, pages 185-203.
Authors: Cathy Rozel Farnworth, Clare Stirling, Tek B. Sapkota, M. L. Jat, Michael Misiko & Simon Attwood

Working paper

A case study of FACASI project’s service providers in Meki, Arsi Negele and Hawassa Zuria area
of Ethiopia

Working paper

A case study of 2WT based technologies service provision business model
performance study in Ethiopia

Working paper

STUDY BY: 1. Dr. Joseph Mutua – KENDAT

  1. Dr. Pascal Kaumbutho – KENDAT
  2. John Mung’oo – CIMMYT


A presentation on the potential benefits from SIMLESA’s engagement with the private sector.


Infographic about the policies needed to be implemented for the spread of CASI in Rwanda.

Working paper

Prepared by Selam Hawassa Business Group PLC in collaboration
with EIAR and CIMMYT by
Farm Mechanization and Conservation Agriculture for Sustainable Intensification FACASI-II Project
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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