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Journal Article

Journal of Agricultural Economics 
Authors: Menale Kassie, Paswel Marenya, Yohannis Tessema, Moti Jaleta, Di Zeng, Olaf Erenstein, Dil Rahut

Working paper

A training program for hire service providers


Presentation on SIMLESA’s summary of achievements by the program’s Objectives.

Journal Article

João Vasco Silva , Frédéric Baudron , Pytrik Reidsma , Ken E. Giller


Highlight of SIMLESA 2010 to 2017 results, progresses made and challenges.

Journal Article

Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia 
Authors: Erin Lynn Wilkus and Daniel Rodriguez

Policy brief

ACIAR recommends that synergisms between public and private efforts are required for household mechanization.

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